AT&T Puts Voice and Gesture Control into U-verse App

The new U-verse Easy Remote App will be available via the iTunes app store.


It’s inevitable that you’re going to yell at some of those apps. AT&T is actually encouraging that kind of behavior with its new U-verse Easy Remote App.

OK — maybe they don’t want you yelling. However, the new app is designed to control the AT&T U-verse service using both voice and gesture controls, via the iPhone or iPad.

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Besides those command methods, the U-verse Easy Remote App offers various color, button and font size choices for a little customization, as well as one-touch access to closed-captioning.

There’s also a feature called VoiceOver screen reader. This allows you to hear about TV shows and channel information, all while scrolling through the programming guide.

“We’re always looking for ways to improve the U-verse TV experience, and we knew this was an area where we could take a big step forward and use our IPTV platform to deliver a better and more accessible TV watching experience for seniors and customers with hearing and vision impairments,” said Maria Dillard, VP of U-verse and video products for AT&T Home Solutions. “Voice command and one-touch access to closed captioning are just a few examples of how AT&T is using universal design to develop innovative technology to improve the TV experience for all customers with and without disabilities.”

For more information on AT&T U-verse, check out the service’s website. Otherwise, you can check out a short demo of the U-verse Easy Remote App in the video walk-through below.

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