AT&T Lauches Digital Life Home Automation Service

Promising cloud-based monitoring through mobile devices.


It’s been coming for a while now. Ever since the company bought Xanboo (platform developer for remote home management) in 2010 we’ve been expecting the official work that AT&T is joining the mass market home automation business. Now it’s official. AT&T’s new home automation service is called Digital Life.

What is Digital Life? Well, it’s a system that lets customers access and control a variety of basic home automation and security devices via a cloud-based platform. The system will include cameras, powered window shades, door locks, motion sensors and the like, all IP-based and available for monitoring on tablets, smart phones or PC web browsers.

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It appears to be about the same concept as both Verizon’s and Comcast’s home control offerings.

There aren’t a lot of details yet, such as what devices will be included, what wireless platform or what mobile platforms will be included. Also not available is pricing. Comcast’s home security service starts at $39.99 a month and only comes with limited hardware (some door and window sensors). Thermostats, cameras and more are options. Verizon’s pricing is $9.99 a month but doesn’t include the 24/7 monitoring—it’s more of a self-monitoring system (you monitor it yourself). Verizon’s starte kit is $219 and includes a gateway, appliance switch, surveillance camera, thermostat and more all based on Z-wave.

Interestingly, AT&T Digital Life senior vice president Kevin Peterson calls this an untapped market, ignoring that Verizon and Comcast are already in it, not to mention companies like ADT.

For now we just have the video below as a preview of what’s to come:


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