AT&T Adds Lutron, Samsung and LG to Digital Life Home Automation System

The new products and services will provide even more flexibility and control over the home.


The goal of a home automation system is to make your life more convenient. Of course, you can’t expect to put home automation into every nook and cranny—but AT&T is certainly trying. The company just announced new products and services for its AT&T Digital Life platform.

AT&T is currently working with Lutron Electronics, LG Electronics, Samsung Techwin and Qualcomm Life to make those additions happen. The end result will provide even more choices for customers, all of which can be accessed through the AT&T Digital Life app.

Adding Lutron support will mean that customers can control lights and shades. There’s no word on Samsung AV products, but the Samsung Techwin division will add its newest WiFi IP camera into the Digital Life mix. For now, the TV thing will be handled by LG, who will integrate its webOS Smart TV platform (pictured) so that users can get notifications and alerts right on the TV. And finally, Qualcomm Life is providing access to the company’s 2net Platform and Hub, so that users can manage the health and care of loved ones remotely.

ATT digital life app

Last year, AT&T Digital Life moved from a closed platform to an open one, in an effort to expand on the company’s offerings. (Check out our feature: Inside and AT&T Digital Life Home)

“Innovation in home automation is skyrocketing, but to really drive mass adoption, we need to expand the strong platform that we have built working with key industry leaders and developers to bring the best ideas together to benefit the customer,” said Kevin Petersen, senior vice president at AT&T Digital Life. “That’s what we’re going to continue doing in 2015.”

AT&T is also working on expanding Digital Life into new areas. However, the service is currently available in 82 markets across the U.S.

  • rodger mcauliff

    will we be getting outside pan,tilt and zoom on outdoor cameras? I have att dig life now and the outside gen 2 cams are junk. Hope samsung can improve this


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