Art Lebedev Remote Has 100 Buttons

Need something simple to control your audio/video setup? Step away from the Pultius remote.


Currently just a design concept, the Pultius controls 399 channels with three range selection buttons.

Can’t get your favorites into just a few buttons? Art Lebedev is at it again, designing the Pultius, a 20-inch remote with 102 different buttons.

The company says they are trying to solve “the problem” of designing a remote with as many buttons as there are channels. By my calculations, this remote should be a lot longer.

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The guys say that each button can control more than one channel, but beyond 399, you’re on your own. There are also directional keys.

It’s pretty though, and will probably look really good on my coffee table — to my 1-year-old son, who really likes grabbing expensive things with sticky hands. It sort of reminds me of those button candies that you used to eat off the paper. It leaves the same taste in my mouth too.

It’s just a design concept, so don’t start saving.


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