Archos Unleashes Android Tablet with 250GB HDD

The new web tablet features a 1GHz processor and Wi-Fi support for $349.99.


Archos is making the process of buying a tablet even more confusing, announcing availability for its ARCHOS 70.

What separates this web tablet from the rest of the electronics pile is that this one is all about Android. Also, it comes packing a 250GB hard drive. That storage means you can tote around approximately 250 movies, and get 720p HD playback on the fly. All of that functionality is packed into a super-slim, easy-to-cart-everywhere, 14-ounce touchscreen.

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Archos says that the tablet can also support 3D gaming, via its built-in 3D Graphics accelerator. Gamers can actually play titles on a larger screen, using the 7-inch tablet as a controller or steering wheel. Connect the ARCHOS 70 to an HDTV via the HDMI output, and you can use that same big screen to view other apps or just play back stored movies.

Wi-Fi support allows users to download apps, and instantly access daily addictions, such as Facebook, Flickr and Picasa, as well as music and email. There’s also a built-in web cam for chatting with friends and family.

The ARCHOS 70 is available now. If you want one with the 250GB drive, that will cost you $349.99.


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