Apple Expected to Drop iPad 2 Price in January

The rumor mill says that Apple will drop prices on the iPad 2 to make way for new products.


Did you get a Kindle Fire this Christmas? Well, if you didn’t, you may be able to score an iPad 2 very soon — for around the same price.

According to the Boston Business Journal, Apple is planning to discount the popular tablet device sometime next month. Supposedly, the company is having a bit of a fire sale, in order to make room for not one, but two new iPad products. If the rumor mill is correct, both of those will debut by the end of the January.

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However, Apple isn’t planning to get rid of the iPad 2 anytime soon. Instead, the new products will push the iPad 2 down the chain of command, making it “an entry-level offering,” as well as a true competitor for those Kindle Fire dollars. While we aren’t sure if Apple’s version of “discount” matches up with our own, this could put the iPad 2 into a lot more hands.

The Boston Business Journal quoted DIGITIMES in saying that the two new iPad products will feature brighter, higher-resolution screens, faster processors, and better cameras.

Whether new or old, a lower priced iPad would most likely be a big seller. Amazon recently announced holiday sales numbers, saying that the online retailer sold over one million Kindle devices per week, throughout the month of December.


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