App Alert: URC Total Control Mobile for iOS

URC is making its Total Control systems available via the iPad, iPhone and iPod touch.


URC is making its Total Control system more accessible both in and outside of the home. The company just announced that the Total Control Mobile iOS app is now available for use with the iPad, iPhone and iPod touch.

The new app will put access to a user’s URC Total Control system on that familiar portable, making it easy to tap into from anywhere around the world.

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URC is unleashing two versions of the URC Total Control Mobile iOS app: one works with the iPhone and iPod touch, while the other is optimized for use on the iPad. Both work in conjunction with Total Control systems.

While both apps are free to download, you’re going to have to ask your URC dealer to activate the app, which includes a one-time setup fee of $199. From there, other devices can be added and updated at no additional charge.

“With Total Control Mobile, we took a unique approach to adding iDevices to a control system,” said Doug Cole, URC senior vice president and general manager. “Consumers are buying new and more devices all the time. We feel it is extremely important for our dealers and customers to be able not only to use our dedicated devices, such as our remotes, keypads and touchscreens, but also offer the ability to add iDevices easily as they go. With URC, clients get more devices for one low price. With our one-time fee, both dealers and customers can concentrate on more important things, such as getting more enjoyment and functionality out of their Total Control systems.”

The central engine of the Total Control system is URC’s MRX-10 Advanced Network System Controller. URC says that Total Control Mobile can duplicate the typical Total Control experience, which uses in-wall keypads and touchscreens. From there, users can access multiroom music and movies, lighting, security, climate and beyond.

To find out more about Total Control and Total Control Mobile, contact a dealer in your area — or at least check out the video below.

App: Total Control Mobile iOS
Find it Here: iPad version, iPhone/iPod version
Cost: Free


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