App Alert: Somfy TaHomA Home Control

Somfy has a trio of apps that can do everything from demo to control the company's many products.


Somfy has a lot of app-related goodness for its TaHomA system.

If you’re not familiar, TaHomA is Somfy’s home automation solution. Naturally, it combines a variety of Somfy goodies, such as window coverings, lights and thermostats. Now, it also combines the iPad and/or iPhone.

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That said, Somfy doesn’t just have one app, but a trio. Priced at $4.99, the original TaHomA app puts familiar graphics and remote control on any iPhone and/or iPad. That also means that when you take one of those devices on vacation, you can adjust things like the temperature and the shades while poolside.

The bump up to the TaHomA HD iPad app will cost you $29.99 — and you’re also going to need an iPad, since it’s specific to that device. Besides all of the control both in and outside of the house, this version adds in the option to create Scenes and Schedules.

Last, but not least, is the TaHomA Teaser Demo. Coming to an iPad near you sometime in mid-2012, there’s no word on whether this one will cost you anything, but it sounds like more of a promo piece for the company.

In other words, the Teaser Demo is pretty much just that, allowing users to explore and configure a virtual TaHomA system. By activating scenes and devices, users can learn more about the TaHomA system and Somfy’s products. In other words, if you’re on the fence about Somfy, its products or the apps, this would be the one for you.

App: TaHomA
Find it Here: TaHomA on iTunes, TaHomA HD on iTunes
Cost: Starts at $4.99


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