App Alert: Roomie Remote Control for iOS

Cyphersoft's Roomie Remote app controls home theater components from your iPad, iPhone, and iPod Touch.


You may not enjoy sharing your tech toys with a real roommate, but we’re guessing that you’re going to love this Roomie — the Roomie Remote for iOS.

Roomie allows you to control all of your home theater components via the iPad, iPhone, and iPod Touch. While control via those portables is certainly nothing new, Roomie features support for direct IP, infrared and serial devices.

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According to developer Cyphersoft, Roomie also has an insanely easy setup process. Choose your room and the devices in it. Roomie makes it easy, since it can actually detect many home theater components automatically. No hardware or web sites are needed. The app includes codes for over 60,000 devices, with more being added every day.

Once you pick your components, Roomie automatically configures the interface. From there, you can customize the setup, which includes adding remotes that are familiar to you or something entirely new. It also includes two-way feedback, which means that you’ll always know what input the receiver is on, what the volume level is, and much more.

It’s important to note: If you want to add in infrared devices, an optional adapter is needed. That way, you can use Roomie without the need for line of sight to components. IP devices don’t need an adapter. Serial adapters are also available. All adapters are made by Global Cache, and cost between $90 and $100.

The basic Roomie app includes support for basic theaters with one room and two devices. Upgrades for unlimited devices and unlimited rooms are also available via an in-app Home Theater Pack, which costs an additional $19.99. Upgrades to support infrared adapters are also available via the in-app Infrared Control Pack. That will cost you $5.99.

If you want to see a full Roomie tutorial, check out the video walkthrough below.

App: Roomie Remote
Find it Here: iTunes
Cost: starts at $9.99


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