App Alert: ADT Pulse Automated Home View

ADT's new app allows customers to interact with devices remotely via a personalized floor plan.


ADT is putting more functionality into its ADT Pulse home automation system. The company just announced Home View, a new app that can put a virtual floor plan of the customer’s home on a web-enabled PC, iPhone or iPad.

Why would you want that exactly? Having the visual allows each customer to have a nice overall home peek. It also makes it easy to monitor and interact with the ADT Pulse system, from almost anywhere at any time.

Also, it’s a freebie for current and future ADT Pulse customers. Just set up Home View on your personal ADT Pulse sign-in page. From there, you can view color-coded icons for security devices, lights, thermostats and cameras. Then, you can click on icons to control appliances and lights, check out cameras, and more.

“I work long hours away from home and want to know what’s happening when I’m not
there,” said ADT Pulse customer Kyle Luckie. “With Home View, I can quickly use my mobile device to see activities like my thermostat readjusting the air conditioning unit to help save money on my monthly utility bill.”

Home View is currently a complimentary upgrade for ADT Pulse users. ADT Pulse’s home monitoring and control system also provides 24×7 intrusion, fire and carbon monoxide monitoring.

Find out more about Home View in the video walkthrough below.

App: ADT Pulse Home View
Find it Here: ADT Pulse
Cost: Free Upgrade


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