AngelBlocks Can Smarten Up Your Home One Block at a Time

These open-source, wireless building blocks are now seeking funding on Kickstarter.

Not ready to smarten up every area in the home? Digital Six Labs has introduced a way to gradually add smart home automation in and around your residence, one block at a time. The company has just launched AngelBlocks.

AngelBlocks are a set of wireless building blocks that communicate with each other to add smart features to existing areas around the house. Once the sensors inside detect an activity, the AngelBlock will act accordingly. That could include sounding an alarm, firing off a text message, shutting off water, setting the thermostat, and more.

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However, one AngelBlock does not fit every application — which is why there are many different types of AngelBlocks. For instance, add the EnviroBlock to a mailbox to find out when mail has arrived or use the PlantBlock to monitor soil moisture in plants and gardens. There’s also a WaterBlock to turn water on and off and monitor leakage, as well as AngelTAG to keep tabs on everything from vehicles to tools to electronics. Other options include the AlarmBlock for security, the ContactBlock for areas like the garage door, and the OutletBlock to control plug-in appliances.

According to Digital Six Labs, these devices can communicate up to 1,000 feet indoors and 2 miles outdoors. Also worth noting is that each one is battery-operated, boasting up to five years of use. AngelBlocks can even be integrated with a variety of existing technologies and products. Out of the box, the system will work with WeMo, Ninja, Philips Hue and RadioThermoStat. A $59 add-on card for the AngelBridge will add in support for Z-Wave and Zigbee. The company is also looking to make Insteon support a stretch goal.

Digital Six Labs is currently looking to fund AngelBlocks on Kickstarter. The Starter Kit includes one AngelGate, one AngelTag, one OutletBlock, and two RC Outlets. The early bird price is $149, which is $50 off retail. From there, you can add Add AngelBlocks, AngelTags, IP Cameras, and RC Outlets to automate your entire home, for anywhere from $39 to $79 each.

The AngelBlock Kickstarter campaign will run through Tuesday, April 29. From there, the company plans to start shipping products in August 2014. For more information on how AngelBlocks work, check out the video below.

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