AMX Expands Modero’s VoIP Capabilities

AMX brings Voice over Internet Protocol to three of its Modero touchpanels.

AMX Modero Touch Panel

The AMX NXD-1000Vi Modero Touch Panel now has Voice over Internet Protocol functionality.

AMX has integrated intercom with Voice over Internet Protocol (VoIP) technology into its 10-inch Modero Touch Panel (NXD-1000Vi). New capabilities include panel-to-panel communication, as well enhanced touch sensitivity.

VoIP-enabled versions of the 8.4-inch Modero ViewPoint (MVP-8400i) and 7-inch Modero (NXD-700Vi) touchpanels are currently available.

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All three touch panels meet the International Telecommunication Union – Telecommunication Standardization Sector’s (ITU-T) G.711 sound standard, enabling them to deliver a telephone-quality user experience. The company says their full-feature intercom capabilities include:

  • Two-way communication—Place panel-to-panel calls within the home or commercial building, or from a condominium unit or hotel room to the concierge.
  • One-way pages—Broadcast a message to all touch panels within the home or commercial building.
  • One-way monitoring—Listen only; this feature works well in homes with nurseries and playrooms.
  • Privacy option—Choose to disable all intercom capabilities for a temporary period of time.
  • Hands-free communication—Engage in interactive panel-to-panel conversations without holding down a button.

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