AMX Adds Talk to Control Systems

New SIP gateways will allow AMX users to talk to visitors both in and outside of the house.


AMX's new Gateways will add VoIP and intercom features to their control systems.

You can yell at your control panels and touchscreens until you’re blue in the face — however, AMX systems may soon talk back.

The company just announced that it will be adding the possibility for VoIP technology into its control systems. AMX’s has new Session Initiation Protocol (SIP) Communications Gateways, which harness the power of SIP, VoIP — and possibly Greyskull.

The end result is an AMX control system that includes two-way telephony. For instance, you can use a touchpanel as an intercom or even a full-featured IP phone.

Other highlights include PBX (Private Branch Exchange) features, which includes voicemail, call waiting and call forwarding.

Three different AMX Gateways will be available starting in March.


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