Amazon Opens Home Automation Store

The new Home Automation Store has lighting, security, temperature control, entertainment systems, and more.

Amazon has been selling items for the connected home for quite some time. However, the mega-retailer has decided to give some serious attention to the category, by launching the Amazon Home Automation Store.

The Home Automation Store is a segment of the Amazon website that’s dedicated to the connected home. At launch, it has over a thousand products, which includes familiar items, such as a the Nest Learning Thermostat and Belkin WeMo, as well as several other lighting, home monitoring, security, temperature control, energy management, and entertainment systems.

Amazon launched the store as a way to accommodate the growing need for connected home solutions. According to a 2012 ABI Research report, 1.5 million home automation systems were installed in the U.S. last year — and that number is expected to shoot up to 8 million by 2017.

Besides the products, Amazon also plans to feature buying guides and educational videos.

When buying home automation and other products on the website, make sure you are buying through Amazon (and not one of the retailer’s third-party merchants). Amazon is offering free Super Saver Shipping on many of the connected home products, as well as fast, free shipping for Amazon Prime customers.

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