Alima is an Alarm System for Your Environment

The compact device can provide alerts about indoor air quality via Wi-Fi and your smartphone.

There are smart devices for just about every feature of the Electronic House. Why not something that keeps tabs on the air you’re breathing? Say hello to Alima.

Alima is a new smart device that works with your home’s Wi-Fi to monitor indoor air quality. Once it finds dangerous air pollutants, it can alert you via the Alima app.

Just because you seem to be breathing ok doesn’t mean that it’s really ok. Smoking, household chemicals, cooking, painting, and more can affect the air around you. That bad air quality can then influence your sleep, productivity and general health. According to Alima’s makers, this device can detect everything from Volatile Organic Compounds, Particulate Matter, carbon monoxide, carbon dioxide, room temperature and relative humidity. Once it finds those things, the LEDs on the device will change color. It can also send one of the customizable alerts to your smartphone or tablet.

Other features include comprehensive analysis graphs and the option to track specific pollutants, which should come in handy for in-house asthmatics. Alima can also be paired to track air conditioners, ventilation systems and air purifiers.

Alima is currently seeking funding through Indiegogo. To secure an Alima, you’ll need to pledge at least $219 — and wait until October, which is when the company plans to start shipping products. The Indiegogo campaign will end on Friday, February 28, 2014. After that, the Alima will retail for $299.

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