AirRemote Makes iPhone Magic

Steve Moore's little application can turn Apple’s infamous phone into a universal remote.

iPhone AirRemote

The AirRemote application will be available via the iPhone App Store for $99, starting in July.

Everyone seems to have worked the iPod into their home electronics system, so why not the iPhone?

CE Pro has a nifty little story about Steve Moore’s AirRemote application, a low-cost way to tweak the iPhone into a universal remote control.

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The setup includes the AirRemote software and a box from Global Cache, which can turn the iPhone’s IP commands into signals to operate audio, video, lighting, and more. The AirRemote program is also compatible with the iPod touch.

“The beauty of the iPod Touch or iPhone versus other tablets is that it has bullet-proof Wi-Fi, doesn’t need to wait for Windows to boot up, and can be held in a hand,” Moore told CE Pro. “And they sell loads of them so they cost almost nothing.”

Download the application, and the whole shebang can be setup right on your iPhone handset. The software supports both Crestron and AMX systems, as well as Kaleidescape’s music/movie server.

AirRemote will be available for $99 through the iPhone App Store starting July 11.


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