Affordable, Cloud-Based Home Control Rolls Out

G2i will be established as separate arms of custom electronics companies.


For those who would like home control, security and automation but can’t afford five-figure systems, an affordable, cloud-based home control system called G2i (for Generation 2 Interactive) is being be rolled out.

The system uses wireless technologies and allows mobile control via cloud-based processing that CEO Reed Stevens says will be faster than competing systems by communicating to a cloud server in real time. The system runs on the iControl OpenHome platform that has been utilized by service providers ADT and others to offer similar services.

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For a base price of $1,000, plus installation and a monthly fee, buyers will get a light dimmer or plug-in lamp module, three door and window sensors, a motion detector to automatically enact events, a wireless security camera, 7-inch touchscreen and base station. A wireless thermostat and door lock will also be offered. Apps for iPhone, iPad and Android-based devices are also available.

Light switches are from Leviton, the thermostat from RCS Tcehnology, sensors from DSC and the door lock from Yale. The light switches and thermostat communicate via the Z-Wave wireless mesh technology, while the touchscreen and cameras use Wi-Fi and the sensors can use an existing security system platform. Stevens says all the products in the G2i platform have been tested to be compatible and work together.

The G2i system can be used with existing compatible security systems from GE, Honeywell and DSC.

The systems will be offered by a network of custom electronics dealers, under G2i branded divisions of their companies. The divisions will be run as separate arms from their higher-end custom installation businesses, with different staffing, marketing and service.

Custom electronics profession Richard Millson of Vancouver, B.C.-based Millson plans to install G2i systems in $300,000 to $400,000 condos in multiple dwelling unit (MDU) buildings in the Vancouver area.

Stevens is the son of Chris Stevens of iControl and will create a separate G2i arm of his family’s custom electronics business, Phoenix Systems in Palo Alto, Calif.

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