Adapt Control Solutions Receives Frost & Sullivan Award

Norway-based Adapt Control Solutions is turning heads in the automation world.

Adapt Control Solutions

It’s always good to know what’s going on “across the pond” (and Channel, as it were.) Leading companies and products in the European home automation market (and elsewhere) can offer insight and inspiration to our own. I speak specifically about when it comes to doing things simply, and cheaper. Difficulty in installation and high cost are two deterrents for the average home owner contemplating home automation. Demystifying the technology, easing the set-up process, and making the gadgets and software reasonably attainable should be the goal of the industry as a whole. Thankfully there ARE numerous companies who have these priorities in place, and these companies are probably looking toward Adapt Control Solutions of Oslo, Norway, for some ideas on how to make improvements. As the recent recipients of a Frost & Sullivan award, Adapt is clearly doing something right. Probably many things.

For starters, their Adapt Home Control works and acts like a professional (expensive) system, bringing distributed A/V, HVAC, blinds, shutters, lighting control, and remote access capability. It combines wired and wireless solutions to address the various control and distribution needs, and it does so at a competitive price. What did they win the award for? Understanding and meeting consumer needs, identifying and expanding into new market segments, and demonstrating “superior market growth skills.” I emphasize that last because the company has already moved products and solutions in a number of their European neighbors, and they are eying numerous others. The world is small, folks. The Atlantic Ocean isn’t so big, anymore.

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Check out Adapt Control Solutions to read up on the company and all that they offer. I’ll be heading to England in a few weeks, so I’ll be sure to keep my eye out for their products and solutions in residential and commercial applications.

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