Actiontec Adds Home Automation Line

zControl gateways use home network to control lights, security, thermostats, sprinklers and more.


Actiontec's zControl supports virtually any number of devices equipped with Z-Wave technology.

It looks like a computer router, but actually allows for control of lighting, security, thermostats and a whole lot more. Actiontec just announced zControl, a new series of home automation gateways that do just that.

Shipping next month, the first incarnation of zControl is a unit that connects to a home router. It can be accessed by a PC or cell phone. The Starter Kit will cost $399.

And in case you didn’t already guess it, the z in zControl means the products will have Z-Wave support.

Other versions coming soon pack the home control into Actiontec’s routers and DSL gateways. A set-top box with media center features should also arrive by mid-2008.

Read the Entire Press Release Here.


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