From Factory to Fabulous

A former factory gets the business including a gourmet kitchen, entertainment room and even an art gallery.


Photo by Haigwood Studios

It’s hard to believe that this place was once a factory about 100 years ago. Instead of the workers, now the focal point of this dream house is the open kitchen and family room.

The 100-Years War
Converting a hundred-year old factory into a modern, high-tech home was not easy. The main concern was to create a kitchen/family room area where the occupants could cook, eat and entertain in comfort.

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The kitchen/family room is lined from floor to ceiling with glass windows that are 100 feet long and 25 inches tall. Each have custom shades, which can be controlled to keep out the hot Georgia sun in every season.

Hidden Jewels
The space is very open, but still conceals all of the home’s technology. All wires were run in conduits, which were painted to match the surfaces. The speakers were custom painted to match the surroundings. In the Art Gallery, the speakers have been carefully measured off to avoid nails and other obstacles. Finally, the Infinity Prelude speaker system was selected for the surround-sound system in the family room and the fronts and center were designed into the fireplace along with the homeowner’s very exotic art glass collection.

This kitchen/great room wows the eye with its attention to details, but it’s more than just pretty. It also serves as the control center of the home, featuring Crestron control panels, HAI OMNI climate systems and Panasonic phone systems, that allow them complete access to all of the entertainment, automation, environmental and security.


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