A Cool Tech Home Worthy of James Bond

Kensington Home Has High-Tech Panic Room and Instant Pool


Biometic access to the wine room prevents teenages from sneaking off with a bottle.

This 6,000 square-foot home in Kensington, UK, is stuffed with impressive, though pretty standard control and audio/video systems for a luxury home. But there are a couple features that set this one apart, which makes me believe it may be occupied by an agent of MI6.

The core system of this home is Crestron automation. Crestron touchpanels located throughout the flat give the owner access to music and movies piped from a Kaleidescape server, tucked away on a rack with thousands of dollars’ worth of other control gear.

But it’s not the 24 audio zones, personal elevator or even the mechanical stacked garage that makes this place so interesting—it’s the paranoia . This home contains not one, but two reinforced panic rooms.

This is a creative solution to a parking problem.

This reinforced door will keep out any assailant.

The first panic room is in one of the bathrooms. The reinforced door can withstand a 10 kilogram TNT bomb. Inside, there’s a video monitor where the user can watch what’s going on outside via CCTV while soaking in the tub.

Move down to the basement and you’ll find a 1,600 bottle wine storage room (and 3,100 cigar humidor) which sends the owners email alerts every time someone opens the door. To keep the wrong people out, the room includes a biometric entry system.

Then there’s the theater, but it’s not an ordinary home theater (complete with a nice JVC projector). This is a panic theater with a terrorist-proof reinforced door, a secure telephony system, an independent air purification system and CCTV access.

But wait, there’s more. The dance hall is not simply a dance hall. Press a button and the floor drops turning the dance floor into an indoor swimming pool.

You can see some these features in action in a video at this link from HowToSpendIt.

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