3-Button Home Control

Vantage system tells $14,000,000 house when it’s time to chill.


This 12,000-square-foot home in Los Angeles is the embodiment simple and reliable control. The only decision its owner needs to make is which of three buttons on a Vantage TPT 1040/650 touchscreen or Axolute keypad to press. The three options: Chill, Away or Party.

“My philosophy is that it should never be more than three button presses on anything,” states Jon Tunstall, a spokesman for Vantage. Since this home is still for sale, realtors had to be able to set up the lights, A/V and other systems for their prospective clients without having to pull out an instruction manual. For example, Chill, turns on the lights to a low intensity levels, delivers music to built-in speakers at a low volume. Party, on the other hand, sets the lights brighter and music louder, and also activates the swimming pool waterfall.

Still, the Vantage system has the power to put the house high-tech super-drive when the need arises, like when custom electronics (CE) pros) visit the house. On these occasions, Vantage handed out TPT 700 tablets so that every CE pro could change the settings in the house without being by a keypad. Or, there’s always a chance that the future owner of this $14 million house may want to dig deeper into the Vantage InFusion programming software. They can always skip over Chill, Party and Away a go to a menu where they can tweak the settings and schedules of the thermostats, lights, and other equipment.

Remarkably, the Vantage system was a relative newcomer to the house. In addition to various A/V components, the house already had a Honeywell HVAC system, Jandy swimming pool system. Through the InFusion software, the pre-installed products were able to be integrated into the Vantage control architecture.

Vantage Installed:

1x TPT 1040 10″ Touchscreen
3x TPT 650 6.5″ Touchscreens
2x TPT 700-1 7″ Tablets
3x Axium 451 Multichannel Amplifiers
46x Axolute Keypads
15x Thermostats integrated with a Honeywell HVAC system
7x Enclosures
22x Dimming Modules

Third Party installed:

6x Toshiba 46E200U1 46″ LCD TV
1x Samsung BD-P1590 Blu-ray Player
1x Lexicon MC-12 Preamplifier
1x Conrad Johnson MF-5600 Amplifier
2x DBX 480 Drive Rack Loudspeaker Management System
1x Audio Authority 1156 A/V Switcher
1x Audio Authority 1176 Matrix Router
2x Niles SI-1230 Amplifiers
1x Niles SI-1260 Amplifier
1x Jandy pool Control System
1x Honeywell HVAC System
1x RTI T2-C+ Handheld Remote
1x RTI XP-6 Processor
1x RTI RZM-24 Antenna


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