10 Qualities You Should Look for in an Installer

Before you begin an electronic home project, make sure your installer is sending the right signals.


Illustration by Brandon Bennett.

Finding the right installer shouldn’t be a painful process. Here are a few tips to help you locate the right person for the job.

Speak English – The installer should be able to explain how a home theater works without talking in tech-tongue. You shouldn’t have to dust off your dictionary to enjoy electronics.

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Listen Up – They shouldn’t need a PhD to design your system, but he should listen to what you want. Laying on the couch is optional.

Don’t Forget to Write – A good installer checks in after the project is complete. He should want to know how you’re doing and may even suggest new products. Don’t hang up — it may be something cool!

Easy to Reach – Your installer carries a bubble-gum-pink cell phone — it may seem odd, but it’s not all bad. You may actually be able to reach him!

Wears Clean Socks – Dragging TVs, speakers, wiring and other equipment into your house can be a dirty job. An installer should respect your home by taking off his muddy shoes before he comes inside.

Dry Ears – It’s not all about pulling wire. Someone who’s wet behind the ears may do more damage to your house than good.

Testing, 1-2-3 – Confidence is a good quality for an installer to possess, but he should test all the gear before he leaves your house. That hum in your stereo is definitely not a good thing.

The Show Off – An experienced installer should be proud of his work, and want to show it off. Indulge him; it’s a great way to gauge hiscapabilities.

Good With Spackle – Even the most experienced installers need to drill into walls occasionally. Make sure they’re going to be patched up!

Friends Like These – Few installers can handle every aspect of an installation. Sometimes they need a little help. An installer should have solid relationships with builders, architects, designers and other tradespeople.


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