10 of Your Home Control Requests

Here are some of your entries from the Electronic House/Control4 'What Do You Want to Control?' contest from this week.


The entries are flooding in for our “What Do You Want to Control” contest sponsored by Electronic House and home automation manufacturer Control4.

You still have plenty of time to register for the contest, and add your 150-word-or-less request to the mix. Here’s a sampling of entries we’ve received this week (and if you’re a wife looking to control your kids and/or husband … based on the entries we’ve received, join the club):

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I would like to control the fact that I’m a control freak. I’ll settle for clutter around the house and the remote control. Whew! I’ll have to thank my therapist for that thought. –Ellie, Mich.

I have a small child at home who is almost 20 months old and it would be awesome to be able to control everything in the house by a single platform. I love gadgets and think this would really be an interesting piece of equipment to make my house very futuristic. –Keith, Fla.

Space and time would be cool, but if that doesn’t work my home theater would be sufficient. –Gregg, Fla.

I would love to be able to control the drapes and shades in my house with a remote control. I’m constantly pulling the cords up and down and fixing the drapes so they stay open. –Karen, N.Y.

My husband, as he’s not able to do anything on his own. He needs directions for everything he does and it would be wonderful to be able to program a control so I don’t have to continually repeat myself! –Nancy, Mo.

I want to control the TV, DVD, stereo, dishwasher and washer and dryer. That would be cool to control these things from another room, oh, and the lights in each room would be nice also, especially the lights in case you forget to turn them off. –Kathy, Fla.

I want to control all lighting, TV’s etc. But most importantly I am planning on going solar in a year and this would be a great part of the program. –Bruce, Ill.

I would like a system to control the electronic systems in my house so that we could have times for different activities (study time, family time, etc). I would like to be able to program these times but still have the ability to override. –Kurt, Idaho

My hot dog has a name, my home system needs a name — like Bob. Bob needs to recognize my voice for audio commands, like open the door. Bob needs a “good night” button and “good morning” button too. Bob needs to interface with my phone and my car ‘putor when in the garage. A laser scanner by the pantry and fridge would be nice. Bob needs to tell me the time when I ask and be quiet when not spoken to. Bob needs to find my keys and phone when I misplace them. Bob needs to call me when I need to leave for my next appointment. Bob needs to be easy to understand and use. Bob needs a girlfriend — that’s next. –Lee, Ariz.

My new puppy needs to control his voiding habits, so I would like to control that. My two young adult kids are at home, and I would like them to do more around the house. My house is continuously collecting dust and needing vacuuming, I’d love it if it could clean itself. My husband has a few habits I’d love to control, any chance of that? Seriously, I’d love to have my big screen, lights, and safety system all on one handy package! –Louise, Calif.


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