10 Million Connected Smart Home Appliances Expected by 2017

Juniper Research says that consumers are becoming more aware, but are they buying?

Samsung recently launched its Smart Home service.

It seems like everything is connected to the web these days. That’s probably why Juniper Research says that the installed base of connected appliances will grow to 10 million by 2017.

The firm’s new report, Smart Home Ecosystems & the Internet of Things, lists 2013’s numbers at around 4 million.

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Despite the projected growth and increasing awareness, the report says that consumers aren’t particularly excited about some of the connected possibilities, possibly because they aren’t aware of them. For instance, smart fridges and washing machines don’t appear to be attractive purchases, mainly because of high prices. The report says that some smart appliances will remain niche items because of that pricing, as well as poor use cases and security concerns. A lack of service providers also seems to be a concern, especially those that can automate some of these high-ticket items.

That said, Samsung and LG are still pushing forward with a variety of “Smart Home” appliances. Samsung, in particular, recently announced its Smart Home service platform. However, the fact that this service will only work with Samsung products is another concern for consumers — and could likely stunt the growth opportunity as well.

Other key findings from the report state:

  • Deploying smart home services in the cloud will reduce the need for device processors, allowing devices to benefit from the power of “Big Data.”

  • Service providers need to encourage a user community, in order to “help diversify smart home application possibilities to cater for individual needs.”

Juniper Research is offering its findings as a white paper, which is titled “Smart Homes ~ It’s an Internet of Things Thing.”

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