NFL Fan Cave

Football Sundays spearhead design and automation of basement renovation.


WHEN NFL SEASON IS IN FULL SWING, the owner of this renovated 17-by-30-foot basement can catch all of the action on not one big screen but on a videowall composed of five separate screens. The multi display setup was tops on his wish list when contacting the custom electronics professionals at Pure Custom Integrations, Mississauga, Ontario, to convert what had been used primarily as a storage area into a high-quality, sports-focused home theater.

Pure Custom Integrations’ Richard Juras and Dave Galante took the multi screen ball and ran with it, creating a unique viewing environment where each of five individual screens is able to display something different. So while the big game gets play on a 100-inch EluneVision projection screen in the middle, each of four smaller 50-inch Sony LED TVs lets the owner keep tabs on other less important matchups. Each of the small four displays is connected to its own cable box, all of which are tucked away in a nearby closet (HDMI wall outlets let the owner plug in his laptop or gaming console for display on either the 100-incher or the top left TV). A JVC video projector recessed into a bulkhead near the rear of the room feeds content from its own cable box to the center screen. (Audio from whichever program is on the biggest screen plays through the room’s Polk Audio surround-sound speakers and subwoofers.)

Choosing a cable channel for each display is accomplished easily through a few finger taps on an iPad, which Pure Custom Integrations tied in with an RTI XP automation processor. This processor permits a high level of customization of the iPad interface, according to Juras, which he and Galante used to its full advantage by fashioning the presentation of buttons, icons and other information in a way that would simplify the process of managing five displays. Presented on the home page of the iPad is a graphical representation of the home theater’s screen layout. The owner touches a TV icon on the iPad then selects the program for that TV, and can follow the same process for each of the remaining four TVs. At any time, the owner can alter the view, like moving a game from a smaller set to the big screen when the action gets intense.


A five-display videowall lets the homeowner catch all of the important matchups, while the decor and the design of an iPad interface cater to his love of the Pittsburgh Steelers.

Before control of the multiscreen setup commences, the owner is greeted by still photography of important moments in the history of his favorite NFL team, the Pittsburgh Steelers. Each TV on the iPad menu presents a different scene from football past. It’s a tailored twist that makes this theater unique not only for the spectacular arrangement of the home theater’s audio and video system, but to the owner’s own personal NFL football fantasy.–LM EH



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