Your Own Private IMAX Is Within Your Reach if Your Reach Includes $2 Million

Each theater will include an IMAX dual projector


The iconic IMAX screen goes from wall-to-wall and floor-to-ceiling.

It’s been either a badly-kept secret or a well-seeded rumor, but now the truth is out. IMAX is launching a program for offering personal, in-home IMAX theaters. And the program is called… IMAX Private Theater.

In April of this year CE Pro’s Robert Archer spoke with IMAX’s chief technology officer, Brian Bonnick, in which we got the type of non-denial denial that tells you what’s what without saying what.

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Anyway, the new plan is to offer theater design and installation for the celebrity-level price of $2 million. For that you get a home theater room based on “the best of its commercial theater experience and customized to create IMAX Private Theater.”

The theater will be able to show both 2D and 3D movies with an IMAX 2D/3D dual projector, a 7.1 channel, laser-aligned audio system, a proprietary image enhancer, a full-wall screen, integrated controls, and more. Oh, there’s also a commemorative plaque.

The IMAX Dual Projector does both 2D and 3D

We think the idea of a home theater designed to high standards like IMAX holds is a good thing, but to meet those standards will it also limit some of the homeowner’s and integrator’s equipment and design choices? There are already organizations, such as THX, ISF and HAA, that promote standards and performance characteristics for home theaters. What can IMAX offer that those don’t?

What will they look like inside? Will an IMAX plaque preclude someone from the whimsical décor as seen in many of the theme theaters we profile here? Will the theater controls integrate with any other home control systems? How much will IMAX dictate in terms of seating, room size and more? We’ll follow up to get you the answers to those questions.

If you think an IMAX Private Theater is exactly what your home needs, go here to set up a consultation. Then call me and invite me over for a screening.

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