Yamaha Promises True 5.1 Surround from SRT-1000 Speaker Base

The new speaker can pump up the volume of your TV via "sound beams."

We’ve seen a lot of audio manufacturers introduce soundbars lately. Yamaha is hoping to stand out by giving us a brand-new speaker base system, known as the SRT-1000.

However, what makes the SRT-1000 special isn’t just that it can emit good sound from under the TV. It’s that the speaker base promises “true 5.1-channel surround sound” — from under the TV.

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Unlike a lot of current one-cabinet speaker systems, the SRT-1000 doesn’t use virtual surround sound. Instead, it has Yamaha’s Digital Sound Projector technology, which uses “five discrete sound beams” to pump up the sound of movies, sports, games, and everyday TV watching.

Measuring 30.75 inches wide and 3 inches high, the SRT-1000 is designed for use with TVs from 32 to 55 inches. It also has Bluetooth, so you can wirelessly stream audio from any compatible device, including smartphones and tablets.

Inside, the SRT-1000 has eight “sound beam” drivers, two oval woofers, and two built-in subwoofers. Other features include two optical inputs, a digital coax, analog inputs, a rear-panel subwoofer input, and support for Yamaha’s Home Theater Controller app for iOS and Android devices.

“The SRT-1000 brings an unprecedented high level of surround sound performance to this form factor,” said Bob Goedken, the general manager of Yamaha’s AV Products division. “Unlike the current leading model in this category, the surround experience you get from our sound beam technology is the next best thing to a multi-speaker home theater — with none of the complications. No one else in America offers it.”

Yamaha will start selling the SRT-1000 sometime this month. It is priced at $499.95.

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