Yamaha Makes 2-Channel R-S201 Receiver Affordable

The new 2-channel receiver promises Hi-Fi sound and 100 watts per channel.

While many of you are trying to figure out ways to squeeze more speakers into your mix, there’s still a huge market for 2-channel receivers. It’s an audiophile thing — one that Yamaha is looking to make a lot more affordable.

The company just introduced the R-S201, a new 2-channel receiver receiver that boasts Hi-Fi sound for a wider audience. It promises to deliver music as the artist intended, via 100 watts per channel and Yamaha’s Natural Sound concept.

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Other features include 40-station FM/AM preset tuning, a speaker selector, and speaker terminals to supply audio to two rooms. The R-S201 also has a headphone terminal for private listening and comes with a remote control.

“The R-S201 is designed to reintroduce the Hi-Fi audio concept to a wider audience that is listening to compressed music files on mobile devices for convenience,” said Bob Goedken, general manager of Yamaha’s AV division. “While portability has its benefits, the R-S201 is for those who want to really connect with their favorite artists, perhaps via lossless music files, when listening in their homes.”

Yamaha will start selling the R-S201 this month, with an MSRP of $179.95.

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