Yamaha Expands Networked HT Receivers

New Yamaha RX-V573 and RX-V473 work with iPad and PCs fpr streaming content.


If you liked the RX-V373 receiver Yamaha announced last month, that family just go better.

Yamaha has added both a 7.1 model RX-V573 and 5.1 model RX-V473. Why couldn’t they just release these all at once?

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Anyway, the two new receivers both include AirPlay compatibility. Users can use a Yamaha app to operate the receivers with an iOS or Android (including the Kindle Fire) device. Speaker calibration is easy with the YPAO system, which sends out test tones that get picked up by a microphone and them makes the necessary adjustments to the receiver.

Both networked receivers can stream music from a via DLNA or play music streamed via AirPlay from an iOS device. The receivers don’t include any built-in streaming services such as Pandora or Slacker.

Video features include 4K pass-through (even though there are no 4K sources—but you might want to be ready), 3D, and high-speed HDMI switching,

Audio features include an Audio Return Channel, Dolby TrueHD, DTS-HD Master Audio, Dolby Digital Plus and DTS-HD High Resolution Audio. Subwoofer level adjustment allows the listener to increase the bass without disturbing the system’s crossover point for more natural-sounding vocals.

Four convenient SCENE Mode buttons automatically power on the appropriate components and make system adjustments for specific situations.

The 7.1 model can be used to power a 7.1 channel home theater or a 5.1 channel home theater plus a second stereo zone for another location in the home.

The RX-V573 and RX-V473 are currently available for $549.95 and $449.95.


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