World’s Biggest 4K 3D TV Debuts in China

Now on display in the Great Hall of the People


We thought the 84-inch 4K TV that LG brought to the Consumer Electronics Show was pretty impressive, but TCL—one of China’s biggest television makers—has upped the ante to 110 inches. The model features a 4K x 2K (4,096×2,160 pixels) resolution and supports 3D with active shutter glasses.

In addition, it’s a touch-screen TV with multi-touch technology and “an intelligent and dynamic backlight” which I assume is an LED backlight, but the press release didn’t specify.

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“The launch of the China Star display screen solidifies TCL’s internationally competitive edge, and allows TCL to have a greater impact on the flat panel display market,” said Gu Zhihua, director of the flat panel display center at Fudan University.

So far the company has built at least two of the big TVs and donated them to The Great Hall of the People, a ceremonial government building at Tiananmen Square. We’re not sure if the company has plans to actually market these monsters or is just using them as a proof of technology demonstration.

Aside from making some bold products, the company is also making some bold statements, and using products like this TV to back them up. “China will replace Japan and South Korea as the world leader in TV display screens in terms of manufacturing and R&D in three to five years, and will provide a higher level of quality and more cost-effective products to the global community.” Gu concluded.

You can read the press release for yourself here.


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