Winegard Makes it Easy to Cut the Cord with FlatWave AIR TV Antenna

The new over-the-air antenna can receive free HD TV signals from up to 60 miles away.

While Time Warner and CBS battle it out, you’re left without your regularly scheduled programming. Fall TV is starting up soon, people! Instead of waiting for the dust and differences to settle, you could consider hooking up an over-the-air antenna and sticking it to both companies.

Winegard has pretty perfect timing, just announcing its FlatWave AIR Outdoor Broadcast TV Antenna. The new option is more attractive than the old rabbit ears — and easier to install, as well. Just mount the AIR outside and point it in the direction of your local TV broadcast tower.

From there, the dual-band antenna can broadcast HD-quality TV channels, all of which are completely free. Even if you don’t have Time Warner, having an antenna can help you pick up extra channels or connect a TV that’s in a spare room.

According to Winegard, the AIR can connect to up to four separate TVs. It also has the company’s own Clear Circuit Technology for better reception, as well as TwinAmp Technology to separately amplify VHF and UHF signals.

Other features include bandpass filters and the Flex Mounting System, which can pull signals from up to 60 miles away.

“The FlatWave AIR marks a major advancement in broadcast TV antennas and is the future of free HDTV,” said Grant Whipple, Winegard’s national sales manager. “It contains an ultra low noise dual-band preamplifier to produce the best HD reception with a 60 mile range. There is truly no other broadcast TV antenna technology on the market today that can match the AIR.”

Winegard is packaging the AIR with a power converter, a USB connector and a 110V adapter. It’s selling now for $129.99.

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