When a Remote is More than a Remote

URC shows off new problem-solving remotes.


After I typed “problem-solving” in the deck, I realized that some of you might think I meant that the remote is cable of performing higher math calculations faster than Dr. Who (Are you joking? No one’s faster than the Doctor.). Sure, the remotes in question (MXW-920, MX-760 and MX-1200) are doing something mathy by figuring out what to turn on when and where as you smash their buttons, but I’ve yet to see a remote that doubles as a graphic calculator (don’t get iPhone uppity with me).

Anyway, I stopped off at the URC booth at CEDIA last week for a preview of the company’s latest magic wands. And yes, they’re cool.

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Hands up if you have a basket of component remotes in your living room? I once had to leave multi-page instructions for my parents on how to turn on the TV when the wife and I went away and left them with the kids. If someone would please come over and program all my stuff, then maybe the folks would visit more often (on second thought …).

So let’s let URC’s Jon Sienkiewicz take over here as he shows us what the new remotes are all about:


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