We Spy New iSky Products

The brand has added new options in the uRay color-changing line of LED lighting strips.


uRay RGB Link (left) and uRay RBG Eco Tape (right)

If you’re looking to add some sparkle to your starfield ceiling, iSky just announced two affordable additions to the uRay color-changing line of LED lighting strips.

The uRay RGB Eco Tape and uRay RGB Link are both designed to complement any iSky starfield ceiling, as well as stand alone as a decorative element anywhere in the home. These flexible LED lighting strips can be used in the home theater, the kitchen, the kids’ rooms, or anywhere else in need of a little accent. When used with iSky lighting panels, however, they promise a little added depth and drama.

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All uRay strips are flexible and can be cut for a custom finish. Each strip also has 3M double-sided tape to make the installation easy. However, these aren’t just stickers; uRay can also be dimmed, controlled and programmed for a variety of moods and effects.

The new uRay RGB Eco Tape is priced at $18.75 per foot. Perfect for under equipment racks, behind TVs or in the hallway, it can be dimmed or controlled with any standard iSky IR Remote and receiver package, the DMX RGB Module, or the company’s 4-amp driver.

For $28 per foot, the uRay RGB Link can be used in similar installs. However, up to 15 feet of this uRay lighting can be powered using the company’s 4-amp driver and and dimmed using Pulse Width Modulation (PWM). Featuring a slim profile and practically no heat, the company says this could also be a nice alternative for holiday or ambient lighting displays.

The iSky RGB Controller and receiver package ($100 MSRP) features a 44-button IR remote for basic control and an IR receiver. Install the receiver in inconspicuous location, add the RGB Tape or RGB Link, and the remote can deliver 20 static color options, six color-changing options, and six custom DIY options for “color blending.”


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