Watch a 30-Day Home Theater Build in 3 Minutes

Brazil's Live Automação put up the display for the annual Casa Cor tradeshow.

We’ve seen some pretty killer tradeshow demos over the years. However, Live Automação is showing us how it’s done in Brazil — and it’s absolutely stunning.

Based out of the city of Belo Horizonte, this custom install company recently built a demo room for Casa Cor, an annual architecture and interior design tradeshow that attracts thousands of people from the industry, as well as the general public. When work like this is on display, it’s easy to see why so many want to get a glimpse. In fact, when you see what the company built, you’re going to want to move right in — or at least move to Brazil.

Even more impressive is that Live Automação was able to complete all of the work seen here in just 30 days. Despite the limited time, the company was eager to show off its skills to show attendees. “As one of the sponsors of the event, we got to choose the space we wanted and then invited one of the most famous architects to help us build the cinema,” says Lourenço Roldão, sales director for Live Automação.

Of course, that quickie process wasn’t exactly easy. It required a team of 40 people, including aforementioned architect Carico Dumont, a full-time engineer, and several others.

To find the right equipment, the Live Automação staff worked with the architect and the company’s main suppliers. The end result includes a 150-inch screen, JBL Synthesis and Mark Levinson gear, and a Crestron system to handle the AV control, lighting, HVAC and more. All of the gear is installed inside a home that was originally designed by renowned architect Oscar Niemeyer back in the 1950s.

“We wanted to show the public the concept of having a high-end theater in their homes,” says Roldão. “We also wanted to show our market how strong and professional our company is.”

However, that was a challenge, given the amount of time the company had to bring all of their ideas to life. Both the architect and engineer were key to accommodate what Roldão calls a “design as you go vibe.” To keep up the pace and keep down on the noise, the company also installed concrete walls and acoustic isolation panels, so they wouldn’t disturb neighboring homes.

Although the home has owners, they don’t actually get to keep all of the goodies inside. We’re incredibly sad to say that the demo room will be dismantled at the end of this month, once Casa Cor is over. However, all 50,000 of the expected show attendees are invited to experience the room before the show ends.

To get your peek at the room and the installation process, check out the time-lapse video below or our slideshow of Live Automação’s finished project.

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