Warpia Debuts Wireless PC Streaming to TV

The WarpiaTV promises up to 1080p streaming from up to 30 feet.


Still trying to hook your PC into the TV? Stop with the cables already. Warpia just announced the WarpiaTV, an easy way to stream everything the PC has to offer, right to your HDTV.

Yes, there are a lot of web-enabled HDTVs these days, but the content is often limited. This way, you can stream everything on the web, as well as content on your hard drive or an external drive, up to 30 feet away.

Warpia says that all of that content can be streamed in resolutions up to 1080p (when available), with stereo audio. That may not be necessary with something like YouTube, but it might — and certainly is something you’ll want when streaming other services like Netflix or even photo slideshows.

WarpiaTV is also easy to control, via icon-based browsing software and the included Wireless Motion Controller. Using Hillcrest Labs Freespace technology, this remote operates very similar to the Wii controller. It also has PC mouse functions, as well as features for volume, mute and escape.

“We are thrilled to partner with Hillcrest Labs to bring our successful line of streaming solutions to a new level, offering a product that provides the ultimate entertainment solution for the home,” says Mike Walsh, Warpia’s president. “With this addition to our line of products, Warpia now offers more streaming solutions for the home or business than similar companies in the market. We are proud to be the one stop company that provides a solution for every consumer whether they are on a budget or looking to maximize their home entertainment experience.”

The WarpiaTV Wireless Edition is selling now for $199.99. A wired version, the basic WarpiaTV, is also available for $79.99.


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