VUDU Adds TV Show Streaming

The online movie rental service now offers TV shows as part of its lineup.


Walmart didn’t buy VUDU for nothing, you know. The retailer seems to be ready to compete with the likes of Netflix and other streaming services, announcing that VUDU would now offer TV shows in its lineup.

Starting today, you can watch shows such as Glee, Modern Family, and Nurse Jackie. You can also catch up on Weeds, Bones and Gossip Girl. If the lineup seems sort of random, well… it is. However, you have to start somewhere, right? We’re just sad that we’re not starting completely in HD.

After peeking through the lineup, we see that not every title is available in HD — although a good portion is. Like the selection, it seems completely random. (Why no HD for Modern Family and 24)?

Also, it should be noted that the TV selections are only available for purchase, not as rentals. So if you want to watch Firefly, it’s going to cost you $21.99 for the first season in standard definition. Individual episodes start at $1.99 each. Of course, prices vary based on the title, as well as the resolution.

To help highlight some of the new content, VUDU has also upgraded its interface. Season Purchase allows you to automatically purchase episodes as they become available. Also, the TV Networks page lets you browse through programming based on the network.

Besides what’s listed above, other shows now available on VUDU include Spartacus, The Walking Dead, Arrested Development, and Monty Python’s Flying Circus.


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