VooMote Zapper iOS Remote Solution Now Available

Zero1.tv has started shipping the VooMote Zapper dongle.


We’ve waited long enough. Zero1.tv has announced that it’s now shipping the VooMote Zapper.

The VooMote Zapper is a dongle that can transform an iPhone, iPod touch and/or iPad into a universal remote control. It’s also paired with a free app, which is available through iTunes.

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The VooMote Zapper is as small as a paperclip, and attaches right to the dock connector of your iPhone, iPod and/or iPad. Once you pair the dongle with the app, the combo can be used to control infrared electronics, including TVs, DVD players, DVRs, and more.

Perfect for all of the iPhone addicts on your shopping list, the VooMote Zapper is available now in eight different colors, for $69.99 each. To make the package more attractive, matching iPhone and iPad cases will be available starting next month. The VooMote Zapper with the iPhone 4 case is $79.99, with the iPad case costing $10 more.

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