VMP Adapter Mounts Dual Displays Up to 63 Inches

The PDS-LCM2B works with the company's PDS-LCB large flat-panel tilt ceiling mount.


We’ve heard of dueling banjos, but dueling displays? Yes, believe it or not, some people actually enjoy more than one TV at a time. For that purpose, as well as many others, Video Mount Products (VMP) has started shipping the PDS-LCM2B.

This adapter works with the company’s PDS-LCB large flat-panel tilt ceiling mount to mount two 37- to 63-inch flat-panel displays back to back. The company says that the mount and the adapter can hold a total of up to 360 pounds.

Of course, this is perfect for bars, restaurants and other commercial applications. It could also work well in a home bar or other residence that has multiple displays installed. The PDS-LCB allows for 360-degree rotation and features a telescoping mast. The PDS-LCM2B adapter adds in an adjustable 0-to-15-degree tilt.

Available in a black powder coat finish, the PDS-LCM2B adapter is now selling for $199.95 (MSRP).


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