VIZIO Unveils 3 New 3D TV Lines

With sizes ranging from 32 inches to 65 inches, the new models will use passive 3D technologies.


In the span of a few years, VIZIO has gone from a relatively unknown electronics company to a major player in the world of consumer electronics.

Now, the company has aggressively followed up its initial launch of 3D TVs in 2010 with the announcement of three new 3D TV lines for 2011.

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“We are highly encouraged by the positive response our circular polarized 3D technology has received from industry experts, the press and Hollywood leaders like James Cameron, says Randy Waynick, chief sales officer, VIZIO. “VIZIO’s early commitment to this direction, with its superior viewer experience has enabled us to develop the industry’s most comprehensive range of 3D HDTVs, ranging from introductory price levels to the most advanced cinematic displays available today.”

The three tiers of 3D products will be part of the company’s E Series, M Series and XVT Series, with screen sizes ranging from 32 inches to 65 inches.

VIZIO’s new 3D TV products employ the company’s passive 3D technologies, which the company says offer viewers a clear, flicker-free image that’s twice as bright as the industry’s current-generation active 3D technologies.

Highlighting the new products is the Cinemawide HDTV 21.9 aspect ratio TVs that are part of the XVT series. These products are engineered to reproduce CinemaScope content without showing black bars on the top and bottom of the screen. VIZIO says that video experts generally refer to CinemaScope content as movies with 2.35: 1, 2.37:1 and 2.39:1 aspect ratios. In addition to its widescreen movie capabilities, the CinemaScope products also include VIZIO’s Internet apps to support streaming Web services.

Pricing for the 3D TVs range from $500 to just over $3,000. Pricing for the CinemaScope products hasn’t been determined as of yet, but the TVs are expected to become available in October and November.


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