Vista 3D Demos Passive 3D Using Optoma Projectors

The company will be showing off a full passive 3D package this weekend in Hugo, Minnesota.


If you happen to be in or around Hugo, Minnesota today or tomorrow, we have a demo for you. A few of Twin Cities’ finest have pooled resources (and projectors) to put together a passive 3D demo.

The demo is a joint effort between Jeff Proctor of AED Home Theaters and the three principals of Vista 3D. The shutter-free 3D demo will take place today and tomorrow at the Eagle Shores model home at 12416 Everton Circle N in Hugo. Demo times are from 1:00 p.m. to 6:00 p.m. on both days.

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This particular setup can use any brand of DLP projectors. In this case, it’s two Optoma TH-1060 projectors strapped into a special mount, and then connected to a small switchbox and a computer that feeds Blu-rays and processes dual HDMI video outputs to display passive 3D.

Of course, with 3D being a bit of a hard sell, there are a few advantages to this type of setup. First of all, you do have the option to pick your own DLP projectors, which boast a super-bright, 1080p image. Also, that computer can pull double-duty for any of your other PC or HTPC needs. Last, and most important, because the setup uses polarized 3D glasses, the glasses are uber-cheap.

“They took about a year to engineer and source the components necessary to build this system — the Vista 3D,” said Michael Doperalski, sales representative for Vista 3D. “They used the dealer as a source of industry knowledge about 3D, price points, etc.”

If all goes well with the demo, the company plans to sell two package systems. One will include two of the Optoma projectors, a screen, the Blu-ray player, four pairs of passive 3D glasses, and all of the other necessary hardware. The other includes everything except the projectors, which means you can pick whatever you like.

Vista 3D lists the full package for $16,999.99, knocking $3,000 off the package without the projectors. Stop by and let them know (us too!) what you think of the demo.

“I saw the system for the first time about a week ago and it looked very good, although the hardware still has a bit of a prototype look to it,” teases Doperalski. “I saw a demonstration of the LG CF3D just a few days later and the Vista 3D seemed to outperform it, based on observations like seeing an object fly out to your nose on the Vista 3D system, but in the same scene on the LG the object only flew out a few feet from the screen.”


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