Verizon’s New HD DVR Can Record 12 Shows at Once

The new FiOS Quantum TV service can also store up to 200 hours of HD content.

We all want choices from our service providers. Now, Verizon is looking to add more than you’ve ever had before. The company just introduced FiOS Quantum TV, a new service that provides more choices and services than you’ll probably ever need.

For instance, FiOS Quantum TV allows users to record up to 12 shows at once. Do you need that? Well, it’s here. More reasonably, the service will also allow you to pause and rewind live TV on any TV in the home, as well as store a whole lot of high-def programming.

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Two tiers of DVR service will be available: Premium and Enhanced. Premium allows for all of that recording, as well as the capability to store up to 200 hours of HD programing, with 2TB of storage space. The Enhanced service includes the option to record up to six shows at the same time, allowing you to hoard 100 hours of HD content with 1TB of storage.

It’s a pretty big jump over Verizon’s current offering, which maxes out at being able to record two shows at once, with storage for up to 50 hours of HD programming.

Both tiers will offer live TV control in any room. Another perk allows viewers to start watching programs in one room, pause the content, and continue uninterrupted in another area of the house.

FiOS Quantum TV requires customers to have a Video Media Server, which is smaller than the existing set-top box. This will act as a hub, serving up to five TVs in the home. Beyond that, you can attach a Media Client to up to four additional TVs. Premium customers will receive two Video Media Servers, for up to 10 TVs in the home.

“By listening to our customers, we’re doing for TV what we did for the Internet with the launch of FiOS Quantum service,” said Bob Mudge, president of the consumer and mass business unit of Verizon. “We’re delivering the best, most satisfying TV experience to customers with features and functionality they want such as more choice, storage and control.

According to Verizon, some of the existing FiOS broadband home routers will be compatible with FiOS Quantum TV. However, many will need to be replaced. If you’re upgrading to FiOS Quantum TV, the routers will be available at no additional charge. Just know that all of the equipment will be available on a rental basis. Users wanting the Enhanced Service on five TVs should expect to pay $10 more per month than standard FiOS TV customers using a traditional multi-room DVR; a new customer with five TVs who orders the Premium Service would pay $20 more per month.

In the coming months, Verizon plans to roll out these new options in markets where FiOS TV is being offered. Right now, customers in beta trial areas, including North Texas and Harrisburg, Pennsylvania, can order the goods.

Two tiers of DVR service will be available: Premium and Enhanced.

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