Velodyne Puts Bass Where You Need It with Wi-Q Wireless Subwoofer

The Wi-Q 10 or 12 Velodyne wireless subwoofer can be placed within 50 feet of your AV setup.

When it comes to speaker systems, the subwoofer is often a standout — and not just because it adds the oomph to your music and action scenes. It’s because it typically can’t be tucked away and often sits right on the floor. And sometimes, the best place for a subwoofer isn’t really the best place to run cables. That’s where a wireless subwoofer comes in handy.

Velodyne wants that bass-y goodness to be out of sight in more ways than one with the Wireless Wi-Q lineup, which ditches the wires and allows you to place your subwoofer almost anywhere.

Available as the Wireless Wi-Q 10 and the Wireless Wi-Q 12, these subwoofers can put the boom anywhere in a room — up to 50 feet from the rest of the AV setup, anyway. Having this wireless option makes it easy to place the subwoofer. It can even be concealed inside a cabinet!

Besides having Velodyne’s WiConnect System, each sub offers remote control setup and operation, including Auto EQ, presets, night mode, volume control and phase adjustment. Other features include green digital amplifiers, high-output extended excursion drivers, dual-layer large copper voice coils with 7.40-pound magnets, and an adjustable 40Hz-120Hz low-pass crossover.

Designed for both 5.1- and 7.1-channel systems, the Velodyne Wi-Q Wireless subwoofer is available now. The Wireless Wi-Q 10 has an MSRP of $799, with the Wireless Wi-Q 12 priced at $899.

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