URC MX-890 Remote Controls Up to 200 Devices

The latest in the company's Complete Control lineup includes color and several new features.


If you’re looking to get your home theater system under control before the end of the year, URC has an excellent stocking stuffer. It’s an expensive stocking stuffer, but the perfect size nonetheless. It’s the MX-890 Programmable Color LCD Universal Remote Control.

The newly announced remote is the latest in URC’s Complete Control lineup. The remote offers control for up to 200 devices via a 2-inch color LCD touchscreen, which can be customized by any authorized URC installer.

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According to URC, the MX-890 can provide one-way control of any AV product, as well as URC Lighting. Other features include options for multi-zone control, hard buttons, and four color hard buttons for use with cable boxes and subscription DVRs.

“URC offers the most comprehensive full-color remote control lineup in the industry,” said Doug Cole, URC’s senior vice president and general manager. “The MX-890 was developed as a result of our dealers’ input regarding rounding out the line. With this latest addition to the Complete Control series, our dealers can choose from a variety of full-color remotes that perfectly suit any installation scenario, client need or budget they may encounter.”

The MX-890 works with any of URC’s base stations, such as the MRX-1/RFX-250, MRF-350 or MRF-260 — for both IR and RF use. It’s shipping now with its own tabletop charging cradle and an MSRP of $499.


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