URC Launches Waterproof Remote for Outdoor or Bath Entertainment

This completely programmable remote will make your hot tub even more popular.


Outdoor audio and video doesn’t have to be all dry anymore thanks to a new URC splash-proof remote!

The maker of universal remotes and whole-house controls systems is demonstrating its first ever water-resistant remote this week during CEDIA 2011.

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The new URC MXW-920 is a one-way RF controller with a monochrome LCD display. Its design is similar to the popular MX-900 with “improved transport functionality,” the company says.

Because it’s an RF remote, it can easily control components located inside your house, while you’re relaxing outside by the pool.

You won’t want to take the new device scuba diving, though. It has water resistance ratings of JIS Class 4, IP-class 54. It can withstand “dust deposits” and “splashed water,” but not “complete, continuous submersion in water.”

URC has not released pricing for the MXW-920 but rumor has it the remote will sell for roughly the same price as the MX-900, which retails for $449.

At CEDIA, URC will introduce three new one-way remotes and some new products for the Total Control line (multiroom audio, energy management, lighting control, cameras).



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