Up Close with THX and LG’s Nano 3D TV

We talk with LG and THX about the upcoming Nano 3D TV


The story of LG’s Nano LED LCD TVs has been something of a saga over the past year. Late last fall the company announced its plans to manufacturer a select line of TVs which incorporated an extremely thin film to disperse the light from the LEDs—hence the nano name.

At the time of the initial news, LG had planned to ship this model with active shutter glasses for 3D viewing. In the meantime, the company began promoting and selling it’s Cinema Series TVs that use passive 3D glasses, which are cheaper and a bit more convenient (no batteries) than active shutter glasses.

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Apparently the passive glasses style 3D (also used in some Vizio and Toshiba TVs) proved so popular that LG decided to change plans on the Nano models and instead manufacture them as passive 3D TVs. That change also brought up questions about the proposed THX 3D certification because THX had never before granted its certification to a passive style TV.

Then shortly before the CEDIA Expo, LG announced that the TVs had indeed passed the THX 3D tests and would be granted that coveted logo. At CEDIA we caught up with both LG’s Tim Alessi and THX’s John Dahl to talk about this development. Watch the video interview below:


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