TV Mount has its own Speakers

Audio Solutions and KEF offer new speaker solutions for flat-panel TVs.


There are all sorts of placement options for flat-panel TVs. You can situate them on the top of cabinets, prop them on the fireplace mantle or hang them on the wall. No matter how you plan to position a display, however, it’s going to need speakers. Yes, even though speakers come built into the TV, you’ll want to hook up some external ones. Tony Finnie of Audio Solutions explains: “As TVs become increasingly thinner, the speakers inside get increasingly smaller and less powerful.”

The addition of external speakers is a good idea, but often difficult to implement. Many mounts make accommodations for speakers, but Audio Solutions has simplified the task by offering a mount that comes with three speakers—and a subwoofer–preattached.

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The TV Audio Mounts, demonstrated recently at EHX (Electronic House Expo) in Orlando, come with a 100-watt 3.1 system: a speaker at each side of the TV, one speaker below, and a flat subwoofer tucked behind the display. The mount also includes a wiring management system, which means all of your cables are hidden. The mount adjusts to fit any brand of 37- to 60-inch screen. For flexibility, the mount (as well as the speakers) can be tilted 15 degrees. The patent-pending product is available for $599. A $499 system, which includes two speakers and a subwoofer, is also available. The only thing left to do is hook the speakers to a surround-sound receiver.

So maybe your flat-panel is already attached to the wall. One of the sleekest speaker options out there comes from KEF. The company’s T Series wall-mountable speakers can flank your existing display—and look as if they were always meant to be there. The speaker enclosures are just 1.4 inches deep, which means they are on par with today’s flattest flat-panels. KEF offers the speakers in a variety of configurations and sizes, ranging from $1,499 to $1,999.


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