Trump Flies the Friendly Skies with SkyTheater

The Donald's personal 757 includes gold seatbelts, a 57-inch TV, and plenty of other AV goodies.


Donald Trump doesn’t do anything unless it’s over-the-top, and that extends to the man’s air travel.

The Donald recently bought this 757 off Microsoft’s co-founder Paul Allen, supposedly for $100 million. Since he had some spare change left over, he pimped out the plane to create something a little more personal and worthy to be emblazoned with the Trump name — in gold, of course.

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Because Trump likes to travel in style, this 757 is outfitted with Rolls Royce engines under the hood. However, that’s not half as impressive as what he has inside.

Despite being a 757, Trump Air seats just 43 passengers. Each one of those comfy seats includes its own AV setup, as well as 24-karat gold-plated seatbelts. The AV experience, however, isn’t confined to an upright position. The entire setup was designed and installed by SkyTheater, out of Fort Lauderdale, Florida.

“Everything in the aircraft is installed under FAA regulations,” says Gregg Launer, managing member at SkyTheater. It’s also part of a full SkyTheater system.

SkyTheater designs and installs systems specifically for aircraft. However, don’t expect to call up and order the Trump Special. “Every client that we get with an aircraft is designed to be different than every client before it,” says Launer. “If you have two planes with SkyTheaters on them, they’re not alike.”

Of course, Mr. Trump demands the very best, which SkyTheater has certainly delivered. “This was a system designed to exceed Donald Trump’s expectations,” adds Launer. Yes, Trump’s expectations, and possibly everyone else that gets a gander at this airplane.

Although Launer could not divulge all of the goodies inside the aircraft, it’s clear from the video below that the plane has a 57-inch HDTV in the lounge, as well as components from Parasound, Integra, Kaleidescape, and more. That setup, which is part of the certified SkyTheater package, also includes access to about 1,000 movies and 2,500 CDs on-demand, as well as Trump’s DVR — which must be filled with Apprentice episodes, right?

“We use different parts from many different companies to make the theater what it is,” says Launer. “It’s a complete design with aircraft certifications. Things that we have in the aircraft have been tested at a lab to meet certain requirements to be installed in the aircraft.”

Despite using different components for different installs, the SkyTheater system is proprietary. That exclusivity includes the company’s software, processors and amplifiers. It’s also part of the SkyTheater experience. “It’s like sitting in an IMAX,” says Launer. “It’s incredible power.”

Of course, the AV isn’t confined to one communal area. This plane actually has separate rooms. If that’s not impressive enough, each one of those rooms has its own surround system, which can source other areas of the aircraft. Launer says that each area offers the ultimate in high-def, with high aspect ratios. In the video, we see Trump has his own bedroom aboard the plane, as well as one guest bedroom, and both include a separate home theater setup. Trump also has his own master bathroom, which naturally, has a 24-karat gold-plated sink.

Besides the AV, the jet features plenty of touchscreen controllers, courtesy of AMX. That’s also part of the SkyTheater experience, offering shade and lighting control integrated with AV, at the touch of a button.

Check out the little video below for the closest thing you’ll ever get to the Trump in-flight experience. It features The Apprentice‘s Amanda Miller giving a tour of the aircraft.


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