TruAudio Celebrates Earth Day with THIN-Ceiling Speakers

The new offering boasts a small footprint and installer-friendly features.


Today is Earth Day, which means that you should probably try to pick up some trash or at least use less plastic bottles. TruAudio, however, is celebrating by making one of its products much nicer for Mother Nature.

The company has designed its THIN-Ceiling speakers with a smaller footprint, which means it will use a lot less packaging. However, TruAudio just announced plans to make the packaging that is used a little more Earth-friendly, by ditching all of the styrofoam in favor of recycled content.

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Having less packaging also makes for an easier install, since there won’t be all sorts of boxes, paper and plastic to dispose of after the speaker is actually in the wall.

Of course, Mother Nature isn’t the only one that will appreciate these speakers. Each one features include a pre-mounted ABS back box for shallow and solid-wall installations, as well as a full 5-inch woofer, a 1-inch tweeter, and less than 2.5 inches in total mounting depth.

“We originally designed the THIN-Ceiling as a solution speaker for a shallow wall or obstructed install, and we gave it our patented Ghost grill so it has the smallest footprint of any 5-inch architectural speaker,” said Kary Wawrzyniak, TruAudio’s VP of technology. “Now, we’ve decided to take it that next step by giving it a complete eco-friendly package — and it benefits our installers at the same time!”


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