Triad Speakers Adds DS700se to Invisible DesignerSeries

The new model is the company's first 2-way invisible loudspeaker.

Looking for another place to put sound? Try stuffing something into those walls! Triad Speakers just started shipping the new DS700se in-wall speaker.

The DS700se is the company’s first 2-way invisible loudspeaker. Of course, it’s not technically invisible, but it does disappear behind those walls. It also emits great sound from them. It’s like magic!

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Triad says that the DS700se has two vibration panels per channel. One tackles the high frequencies, with another in there for the lows. With each panel fed by an external crossover/limiter, the speaker boasts a frequency response of 50Hz to 20kHz and power handling of up to 200 watts per channel.

Designed to fit between the typical wall studs, the DS700se is the latest addition to Triad’s DesignerSeries invisible speaker line. It has a powder-coated aluminum frame, an extremely rigid aluminum honeycomb core with paper skin covering, and electro-mechanical drive devices.

”We found that due to the nature of the dual vibration panel technology, mounting them high atop the wall — in what typically would be deemed an off-axis location — still sounded great; it did not have any adverse affect on performance or imaging,” says Larry Pexton, Triad’s president. “This added versatility is another significant selling-point of this speaker.”

Triad is shipping the DS700se now, with an MSRP of $2,250 per channel. That price includes the HPF-2 limiter/filter protection unit and a 10-year limited warranty. A back-box for sound control is also available.

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